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  1. Locate upsetting body sensations

  2. Identify the following by asking, “If (body sensations) had a _______, what would it be?” Shape, size, color, temperature, texture, sound (high pitched or low)-all of this may apply or only a few to the body sensations.

  3. Identify your color(s) that represent healing and from what source (God, higher power, nature, universe, a loving figure, etc.) Imagine that this healing light is entering through the crown of your head and directs itself at the shape in your body. Imagine that the more you use this healing light, the more you have available. The light directs itself at the shape and resonates, vibrates in and around and through it. As it does, notice what happens to the shape, size, color, etc.

  4. As this begins to change, continue utilizing light until the shape is completely gone. This usually correlates with the disappearance of the upsetting body feelings.

  5. After you feel better, bring the light into every portion of your body with a positive statement related to peace, calm or some control.

From Shapiro, 2001

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