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*From David Grand’s-“Brainspotting-The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid & Effective Change” RESOURCE MODELS

Body Scan-Find a place in your body that feels calm/neutral, look to left, straight & middle, where do you feel most calm/neutral? Focus on that spot for a few minutes, notice what occurs.

CLOSE EYES/ Z SPOTTING-We have 6 muscles holding each eye in place. These eye muscles have nerve endings & are the source of oculocardiac reflex-automatically activates the vagus nerve from brain to face, heart & stomach. This slows your heart & immediately relaxes your body, creating a calm reflex. You can activate this reflex by closing our eyes for 10 seconds - opening for 10 seconds cycle for a total of 2 minutes. Or you can look at your index finger (extend hand out to arm’s length) for 10 seconds & alternate looking at the farthest spot in the room for 10 seconds for a total of 3 minutes. *Choose a positive word to use while you are counting, for eg-1-healing, 2 healing , etc OR 1-love, 2 love, etc instead of 1 one thousand.

INTERNAL BRAIN SCAN-The brain continually scans itself

Think of something that’s bothering you, rate 0-10 (worst), notice where you feel in your body

Close your eyes & look inside your brain & see what part is activated. Is it front, middle, back, left or right? Notice the size, shape, color or darkness/lightness

Open your eyes & see where you want to look. As you hold the awareness of what you just saw or felt, keep looking at that spot & observe where your mind goes.

After a few minutes, close your eyes & go back to the location in your brain & notice what it looked like before. Notice what it looks & feels like now. Has it changed? Check disturbance level now.

ONE EYE BRAIN SPOTTING-Our LEFT/RIGHT brain have a different “personality”, typically

Left Brain- more optimistic, RT Brain-more vulnerable

Close your left eye, rate 0-10, notice what you experience, switch to RT eye & notice.

As you alternate, you will notice that the disturbance level on both sides subsides.

GAZE SPOTTING-Where you look affects how you feel-we all “Zone Out”, staring at a

particular spot-“intuitive staring”can help calm you. MUSIC RESOURCES-Bilateral Music-helps soothe, lft/rt brain & enhances processing-ear buds

David Grand-Biolateral Music-Brainspotting- YouTube & Spotify

Bspuk-free music downloads from UK

Purchase: Sounds, LLC\Sattva Gold Sounds- Mark Gaxti-Spotify

Safe & Sound Protocol -*Takes out higher/lower ranges for ADHD/PTSD &

*From David Grand’s-“Brainspotting-The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid & Effective Change”

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