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  1. Do something physical, e.g. bounce small ball alternating hands while walking, jump rope or jumping jacks.

  2. Take 3-5 Slow Deep Breaths (Exhale count of 6-10 sec) or Blow out very hard first, and then take 3-5 slow deep breaths.

  3. Validate what you’re feeling, as if you are talking to a good friend “I understand/I’m sorry you’re feeling X Because . . . What can I do to help you?”

*These 3 steps take you out of your subcortical mind that is triggered enabling you to access the coping strategies.


  • Scribble or draw with non-dominant hand with pastels or crayons

  • Tighten all body parts (including face) X15 sec, release for 30sec X 5

  • Butterfly hug/Tactical Tapping (palms over heart-back & forth)

  • Tap & Pace or tap your feet back and forth (Baby EMDR)

  • “No-No Yes-Yes” Exercise (hit 1 side of couch then other side)

  • Visual Imagery-healing bubble, favorite place (using all of your senses)

  • Dance/listen music-EMDR Music-Mark Grand, Holly Cummings

  • Health Apps-Headspace(Take 10), Insight Timer, & iMindfulness

  • Write inner dialogue-dominant hand-adult non-dominant-child-switch

  • Imagine or literally put things that are bothering you in a container

  • March (14 Times) -

  • Eat a mint

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Shower/Bath-“I’m strong healthy & healed and filled with love & light”

  • Pray or Tonglen Prayer

  • Read something positive or watch “Happy”, “I am” or “Heal” on Netflix

  • Drink warm/cold water or balance ice on your wrist -

  • Submerge hands in cold water or splash cold water on your face

  • Pain Relief Color Exercise

  • Flash Technique

  • Light Stream Technique

  • Choose an essential oil that you like & use

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