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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

BODY- On average we activate the stress response 50 times a day activating cortisol,

epinephrine, norepinephrine, blood flow surges (like a fire-hose), etc. & SHUTS DOWN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM so our 50 trillion cells can’t naturally repair & heal. Unfortunately, we DO NOT COMPLETE the stress response. “Wellness is NOT a state of mind or being, it is action. It is freed through the natural cycles in our body.”-Emily Nagoski


BREATHS- will instantly reset your nervous system & shut off stress response

  • Blow out hard, take in 3-5 slow deep breaths

  • Inhale for 4 sec, hold for 7 seconds & release for 8 seconds X 3

  • Cleansing Breath-Alternate nostril breathing-press right side of nostril & inhale 6 sec, switch to left nostril as you exhale, inhale right nostril & exhale left nostril-calms, purifies & strengthens nervous system.

TOUCH-Fastest way to calm us & repair damage from cortisol is touch & produces oxytocin

  • Put hand on heart, recall a time where you felt safe, loved for 1 minute-instantly calms body

  • Rub back of your head-above the neck in the triangle spot-oxytocin will immediately release

  • Hug-20 sec full body hug-releases oxytocin for both parties.

EXERCISE/MOVEMENT-Every time your stressed, move your body!

  • Tighten all body parts X 15 sec, release X 30 seconds-repeat up to 5 cycles

  • Tighten each body part X 7 seconds, release X 15 seconds-great for sleep

  • Find a calm body part & a tense body part & shift your attention back & forth

  • Power Pose X 2 minutes-Raises your testosterone by 20% and lowers cortisol by 25%

  • Shake out your hands for several times, then breathe

  • Cortisol Flush-hands on hip-lean back & look up (repeat throughout the day) up to total 20 min

  • Hands behind head & sit back- reduces cortisol

  • Brain hug-1 hand on forehead, other hand on back of head (close to neck), gently hold 30 seconds

  • Cross your arms and brush downwards on each arm-raises endorphins

  • “Mindful Walk”-using all of your senses, 3 things you can smell, 3 shades of green, 3 things hear, etc.

VISUALIZATION-Your body can’t tell difference between “imagined” experience vs “real”

  • Heart Rate Coherence-“The Zone”-think of something that makes you smile for 1-2 minutes. This will reset your heart rate variability (the space between the beats) which is considered the most important aspect of stress management.

  • Utilize an App- Insight Timers, Headspace, Calm

SLEEP - 8-9 hours REST- 10–20-minute nap, close eyes for 10 minutes, daydream, Pray

CRY - Completes the stress response

LAUGHTER - Laughing or remembering a time when you belly laughed, watching You Tube videos, listening to comedians, etc.


CREATIVE EXPRESSION - Writing, song, performing, journal, dance, even for a few minutes

CONNECTION - People, animals, nature, divine

*Being with people 1 hour a week makes an enormous difference. Make sure you are with people that care about you the same way you care for them. This is where you get recharged and re-balanced.


  • Bilateral Music by David Grand-helps soothe

  • Purchase: SAFE & SOUND PROTOCOL- *Takes out higher/lower ranges for ADHD/PTSD & Autism

  • Any other music you like!

Adapted from Emily Nagoski’s talk on “Stress Management”

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